When you walk into a casino, you’re instantly enveloped by an atmosphere of cheer. Champagne glasses clink, and everyone’s there to enjoy themselves, whether they’re the big winners of the day or just trying to win back what they lost. The energy is infectious, and people can’t help but be drawn into the excitement of the place.

But there’s much more to a casino than just the gaming floor. Guests have a range of needs that casinos must address to maximize revenue and make the most of their space. This can include events, hotel accommodations, and group activities. Increasingly, these guests are younger and have different preferences than previous generations. It’s vital for casinos to target specific segments of the audience, focusing on their demographics and identifying their pain points.

While many movies focus on the opulence and glitter of Vegas, Casino is an epic crime drama that lays bare the corrupt web of greed that runs through Las Vegas and beyond, with tentacles reaching out to politicians, Teamsters unions, and mob families in Chicago and elsewhere. Scorsese manages to tell a complex tale without getting bogged down in minutiae or losing steam by the end, which is no small feat for a movie of this length.

In a world where consumer trust is at an all-time low, casinos must do everything they can to boost their reputation and earn loyalty from their guests. That includes displaying positive reviews and testimonials, encouraging guest to share their experiences on social media, and creating a memorable experience for every visitor.