When you think of a slot, you probably picture the opening between face-off circles on the offensive zone. But, it’s more than just where you line up. In fact, a Slot receiver is a crucial part of the blocking wheel for an offense.

This is because the slot is where the quarterback tries to get the ball snapped. It’s also the place where he or she can avoid the best tacklers. Plus, it’s the place where they can act as a large decoy for future plays.

Depending on your team’s offense, the Slot receiver might be a running back or a pass catcher. They may even chip outside linebackers and safeties.

They’re usually smaller than outside receivers, but they are still agile and fast. They have a great awareness of the field and can run routes. Often, they’re called into the pre-snap motion. This helps them get a read on the defense.

A Slot receiver can chip outside linebackers, defensive ends, and safeties. They also can be called on as a passing target or the quarterback’s handoff target.

However, the slot’s real importance is its ability to block on a run play. On outside running plays, the Slot receiver will be more of a shield than an outside receiver.

The Slot receiver’s role is critical, but not only does it need to be accurate, it needs to be agile. This is because the Slot receiver is often in a position to catch the ball before the quarterback does.