A slot is a narrow opening or groove in something. For instance, a mail slot at the post office will allow mail to be placed through it. This is the same process for landing and taking off an airplane. It’s also used to manage air traffic at busy airports, to avoid repeated delays caused by numerous flights. If you’re unsure what a slot is, read on to learn more about it. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you can probably use it as a reference when describing yourself or your favorite gadget.


A slot can be either an in- or out-of-process or a fixed hole. When you’re dealing with computers, a slot refers to a physical part of the machine that can receive and process data. A computer monitor has a slot in it. The cradle in the middle of the case is a rectangular hole. Some monitors have slots on the bottom and are not visible, so it’s important to understand what a slot is before using it.

Another important part of slots is the ability to place objects into them. A slot is a narrow opening or hole that is used for inserting coins into a machine. It is also used to dial a phone number, which requires a coin. This is a common problem that has been the subject of research for decades. The DOTr has guidelines for the proper use of slots and has defined nine qualifications that apply to these types of objects.