A slot is a narrow space in which a ball is played for a game of football, rugby or similar. It is also the name for the area between the face-off circles in a hockey rink.

Taking Slap Shots in Hockey: The High Slot

In a hockey game, the high slot is one of the prime spots to take a slap shot. It is right in front of the goaltender, and between the two face-off circles, and is usually considered to be the best place for a defender to rip a blistering slap shot onto the net.

These slap shots are lightning-fast, and can reach speeds of 100 miles per hour! This speed makes it hard for a goalie to react and prevent the puck from going in the net.

Seeing the Reel Dance on the Screen: Some Players Believe That It is Better to Stop the Machine With Another Push of the Spin Button

These players believe that it is better to stop a slot machine with a second push of the spin button because you can see what will happen and control the outcome by stopping the reel-dance as soon as you see a winning combination about to come up. They claim that this is a form of strategy called “reel-dance” and it helps you win more money.