A slot is a narrow opening used for receiving or dispensing something. A slot is also a position in a workplace. The chief copy editor is assigned to a slot in the Gazette, for example. An aircraft’s wing has a slot along its leading edge for airflow. Another synonym of slot is “slotting.” A person who is assigned to a slot at the airport will have the privilege to use the same flight path.


A slot can be either a physical object or a virtual machine. A physical slot is a narrow hole or opening used to insert a coin into an electronic device. The term SLOT also describes people who are obsessed with electronics, and can’t live without their latest gadget. This term applies to many teens, especially urban ones. While a guy may be a SLOT, a woman may be one as well. For example, a female may have a boyfriend who loves fashion and style and a guy who likes video games.

A slot has multiple uses. For example, a slot may be a physical part of an airplane. In other contexts, a slit or slot can represent an element of a relation. In these instances, the relation represented by a slot may be a part of a larger object. A facet in a particular shape is called a “facet.” A facet is a smaller version of a frame.